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Книга «Настраиваемся на Штаты. Книга Вторая» автора: Ребека Калин.

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The long and winding road ...

This is the phrase that comes to mind whenever I think of ELTB. ELTB has been a long and winding road full of dedication, errors, learning, disappointment, amazement, and now, elation. The first materials are going public ...

There have been many people who have helped us get down this road and many more who have cheered from the sidelines. I am certain that the following acknowledgments do not include everyone who has made a special contribution —I have forgotten someone. With apologies for the inevitable oversight, I would like to thank the following people:

For the early vision and risks, Robert Baensch and the late Lois Roth; for keeping us safe and continuing to believe Jack Farnsworth; for overcoming disbelief and for always being there, Mary Jane Peluso; for dedication and day-to- day-to-day hard work, Allene Feldman; for creativity, talent, and inspiration, Howard Beckerman; for unswerving guidance, Diane Larsen-Freeman; and for understanding and support, all the members of the ESL/EFL Department: Maggie Barbieri, Gloria Cazon de Pascual, Debbie Devine, Aliza Greenblatt, Aggie Lorenzo, Betty Mirando, and Kelly Ramsey.

Robert Curran, Stuart Leigh, and Frank Beardsley produced a superb radio series, Tuning In the U.S.A. Peter Thomas and Alison Rice should be thanked for the expert knowledge they contributed to this radio program. Alvin Cooperman pulled together a great television team for Family Album, U.S.A. and beat the odds on costs. The Dovetail Group—Gerri Brioso, Richard Freitas, Paul Freitas, and Cynthia Vansant—made the "Focus In" segments joys to behold. Tina Peel and Greg Orr are not to be forgotten for their contribution in the rough early days.

The ELTB Advisory Board provided much support and guidance during a very long period, and they deserve many thanks: Russell Campbell, chairman, Lyle Bachman, William Greaves, Diane Larsen-Freeman, Marc Pachter, and Chiz Schultz.

The educators, broadcasters, and publishers from around the world who provided us with invaluable insight and resources are too numerous to name.
And finally, a special thank you to all the people who helped us get ELTB off the ground. I trust that we will not have disappointed you with the fruits of our efforts.



Welcome to Tuning In the U.S.A., the exciting new American radio series created to inspire English learning around the world. In 52 programs, you will experience English in action and learn about American culture. Tuning In the U.S.A. is for everyone who has studied English for at least one year and wants to improve his or her understanding of the language.
Each radio program tells a story about the Stewarts, a typical American family living in New York. You will see the family in everyday situations, and you will share their many experiences as you hear English spoken naturally. You will also travel with Richard Stewart as he visits places in the U.S., such as Nashville, New Orleans, and Denver.
The unique format of each radio program includes the following:


Each program begins with an introduction by a narrator. This introduction sets the scene for the drama.
Each program tells a complete story in two acts. Each story centers around one important event in the lives of the Stewart Family. The language level in the dramas follows a sequence. Grammar and vocabulary are simpler in the earlier programs. In the later programs, the language is more advanced.


After each act, a "Focus In" segment calls your attention to idioms, grammar, pronunciation, useful expressions, story comprehension, or important information about life in the U.S.
This Listener's Guide will help you understand Programs 1—26 of the series. On these pages, you will find a unique way to study the radio shows. Each lesson follows this simple format:


Before each program, a preview page prepares you for the story as well as for the language points in the program. On this page, two key illustrations introduce you to the two acts of the drama. A summary of important language and cultural points previews the material in the Listener's Guide lesson.


The complete script for each program follows the preview page. The script always appears in the left column of a page. Beside the script, many useful language notes and illustrations are provided to help you understand the drama. In addition, facts about U.S. life are included. A "Your Turn" feature usually asks you to compare your own culture with aspects of American life.


At the end of each act, a "Focus In" feature allows you to practice the material you have just studied in the "Focus In" segment.


A page of language and comprehension activities appears at the end of each lesson. These activities give you a chance to practice language and comprehension skills.


An answer key at the back of the book lets you check your answers to the "Focus In" features and to the exercises on the activities page in each lesson.


The Listener's Guide ends with an alphabetical list of useful words and expressions that appear in the language notes beside the scripts. Next to each item, the program number appears in parentheses for easy reference.
You can study a program in the Listener's Guide before or after you listen to the program. It's up to you.
Tuning In the U.S.A. is designed to be entertaining and educational in an easy-to-follow format. We hope that this
Listener's Guide will be your companion to enjoying and understanding this exciting new radio series.


Here are the people you will meet in Tuning In the U.S.A.

MALCOLM STEWART: also known as Grandpa, 72, a retired engineer who lives with his son and his son's family in Riverdale, New York

PHILLIP STEWART: Malcolm's son, 50, a doctor

ELLEN STEWART: Philip's wife, 50, a homemaker and a former music teacher

RICHARD STEWART: Philip and Ellen's older son, 30, a photographer

MARYLIN STEWART: Richard's wife, 29, a salesclerk in a boutique and a clothing designer

ROBBIE STEWART: Philip and Ellen's younger son, 17, a senior in high school

SUSAN STEWART: Philip and Ellen's daughter, 28, a vice-president of a toy company, unmarried and living in an apartment in Manhattan

HARRY BENETTE: an accountant, 33, a widower who dates Susan

ALEXANDRA PAPPAS: an exchange student from Greece, 16, Robbie's friend

ANDREAS STEWART: Alexandra's cousin, 19, a university student from Greece who is visiting the U.S.

MOLLY BAKER: a nurse, 43, who works with Philip in the hospital

BILL MACDONALD: a reporter, 40, for the Riverdale News.
... and other friends and business associates

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